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For almost over last decade, CONEX system has been consistently offering innovative solution to power problems of a large variety of clients. We are using high frequency PWM inverter designs using MOSFET and IGBT as main switching devices .It has been our continuous endeavor to offer technically superior, well engineered and most reliable UPS systems most suited for Indian conditions.

Even today, we maintain our prime position by offering UPS systems based on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) designs. No doubt, these systems, today, are considered as benchmark for performance & reliability. Latest techniques like RTWC (Real Time Waveform Controller) enhance the capacity of our UPS systems to support non-linear loads like computers, SMPS etc. The100% compatibility of control PCBs results in great saving of cost for maintenance over a long life span of the UPS. We believe in the core competence than offering cosmetic features.

We are well aware of our responsibility & commitment to fulfill all present & future requirements of our customers. Therefore, we follow only three word philosophy - QUALITY, COMMITMENT AND VALUE. The complete range of CONEX UPS today is certified by ETDC. With ever-growing response of our product, we get the required encouragement & stimuli to improve upon our performance on day-to-day basis.

We target to have the entire country under our network of sales & support associates in next few years. The numbers & figures would grow but they do not fascinate us. It is the core competence & customer satisfaction, which keep us on the fast track- the right track.


  1. CONEX UPS SYSTEMS are designed keeping in view the worst conditions of utility power supply. They cater to as wide as 160-270 V single phase & 300-470V three phase voltage ranges. Within this range the inverter is fed with utility power only & as such batteries are prevented from unnecessary discharge. As a result the battery power availability is optimized & battery life is enhanced.
  2. Most compact size of CONEX UPS SYSTEM ensures huge savings of floor space. Their graceful aesthetics add to the looks of a modern office.
  3. The modular design, standardization of electronics & highest engineering standards result into very high reliability of the UPS systems. Also in case of any problem the machine can be repaired in shortest possible time.
  4. Exhaustive indications & metering provided on the front panel helps the user to give correct feedback regarding status of the systems. This also helps the support personnel to quickly diagnose the problem & rectify it.
  5. The PWM technique using MOSFET /IGBT as main switching device makes CONEX UPS SYSTEM more efficient. Their dynamic response is better than most other systems. Their smooth & silent operation does not irritate the users.
  6. For three phase input a six / twelve pulse rectifier is used. This ensures lower line currents & lesser line transients making them line friendly systems. Due to this feature the D G Set capacity requirement is also greatly reduced.
  7. The two stage charger with extended boost mode facility ensures healthier battery operation. Battery charging in case of draining out of batteries, due to unavailability of mains power for long duration, is also possible. Protections like expectancy from all types of batteries.
  8. Higher short term over load capacity of CONEX UPS SYSTEM makes them best suited for switching type of loads like SMPS etc. These systems have a built in standard capacity of handling more than 200% currents for short duration. Due to this, large peak currents required to switch on computers, colour monitors, medical electronic equipment can be easily supplied.
  9. All these UPS systems are suitable for being connected with any type & size of batteries. The boost charging current is selectable through short links to suite various capacities of batteries.
  10. CONEX UPS SYSTEMS are compatible for software interface. They can communicate with any server by using a software kit. In such a case the user is informed regarding mains fail or battery low like emergencies. It is also possible to switch off the UPS from server through software. An exhaustive log of power events can be made available.
  11. CONEX UPS SYSTEM employ individual phase control technique due to which they become most suitable for imbalanced type of loads on different phases, the phase imbalance of even +/- 50% would be tolerable without disturbing voltage regulation of +/- 1% of any phase.

  * Note : Product upgradation is a continuous process, hence data give in above table is subject to change without
     prior notice.

      DIGITAL INVERTERS - from 200 VA to 20 KVA.
      LINE-INTERACTIVE U.P.S. - from 500 VA to 4 KVA.
      ONLINE POWER CORRECTED U.P.S. - from 0.5 KVA to 500 KVA.
      VOLTAGE STABILIZER - from 0.5 KVA to 1000 KVA.
      POWER SUPPLIERS - Linear & non linear type.

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